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Hongli Zhihui Group (HONGLITRONIC) Stock Code: 300219—— is a Global LED components and LED solution provider with a strategic advantage of LED package, Automotive lighting and vehicular networking. Founded in 2004, the headquarters is located in Guangzhou. Specialized in production and development of SMD LEDs, COB LEDs, High Power LEDs, Automotive LEDs, Mini LEDs, UV LEDs, Infrared LEDs etc, which widely applied in general lighting, TV backlight, display, 3C, automotive lighting and other fields. Honglizhihui currently has two LED package plants, located in Guangzhou and Nanchang city. With 889 patents worldwide (2018Q4), the laboratory is CNAS (CNAS LAB CODE L7029) accredited, also recognized by US EPA for LED Packages/Arrays/Modules IES LM-80 testing and CIE 127-2007 standard testing. Hongli Zhihui rank No. 7 in the 2018 Global LED Market Share Ranking.

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