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  • AC COB Obtained CE Certificate

    Honglitronic 10W/20W LED light engines AC COB Obtained CE Certificate. LE002, LE003, LE004, available power 10W, 20W, 30W. Simplified on-board power supply, Easy Assembly; Triac dimming; Without soldering connectors, with special buckle.
  • Flip-chip SMD ES3032

    Honglitronic release new flip-chip SMD ES3032 series,Which advantages: high power、high reliability、good thermal conductivity design、no bonding wire、without no-light NG risk make the products very suitable for general lighting as well as backlighting field.
  • SMD2835-PCT(1W) 9000hrs LM-80 Certified

    Popular Mid-power 2835-PCT with Different Voltage Selections for LED Bulb Application, Available in 3V, 6V,9V, 18V, 24V, 36V; High Efficiency, up to 130lm/W; Long Life Span, 9000hrs LM-80 certified & UL certificate.
Honglitronic(SZ.300219) is a top rank LED manufacturer in China, mainly providing LED package and LED lighting application solutions. Honglitronic was founded in 2004, we obtain over 600 patents and have two LED package plants. The headquarter is in Guangzhou in the south of China and the other one is located in Nanchang. The Nanchang Plant, which covers 66,000 square meters with 1 billion RMB investment .
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