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Hongli Zhihui Group 12years celebration ended successfully
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Co-Create Prosper Plan, Gather with the same heart

ON 24 th, December, Christmas Eve, Hongli Zhihui Group 12years celebration started on Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo. To review the brilliant 12years and look forward to the future with all.
At the beginning, Hongli Zhihui Group Chairman  give a wonderful speech .In speech, He first sincerely appreciate the founder of the company, shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, government units, and all the people who had provided support and help to the development of Hongli Zhihui Group.
     Second, He introduced the development of Hongli Zhihui Group in details. Hongli Zhihui Group was founded on 2004, from single LED package enterprise change to diversified  group now. on 2015, Our group ranked ninth in the global LED market.
     During these 12years, Not only together with blood and sweat all Hongli people,but also record the growth of Hongli Group step by step. On this way, struggling hard, conquering all obstacles, glory and dream blooming today.
At last, He made a further interpretation of our corporate culture. We have the spirit of craftsmen, Since the company was founded, we insist Independent research and development of white LED the packaging technology , LED light efficiency has been continuously improved and breakthrough. Our subsidiary company Forda Lite is the first one Launched LED headlamps products in China. Our corporate culture is win-win, we share all the success of the group growth with the founder of the company, shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, government units.
Our Principle is human-oriented,’diligent, creative, refined, cooperative’, dedication, creation, refine, win-win cooperation, that is our team. And also is the best evidence of people-oriented management. We are big family, thanks for the assiduous and diligent work of every hongli people. Let’s use ‘prehistoric powers’ together to build new wonderful home of Hongli Zhihui Group. 
And then , We enjoyed the more than 10 programs of Hongli Zhihui group, which a medley of songs, dance, comic, comedy, drama and so on. Meanwhile we invite singer Haixing Jing and Long Qi to song for us. And also, there are 12 pairs of couples to participate in the collective wedding ceremony, into the marriage hall, warm and romantic. Everyone enjoyed Hongli Zhihui group 12years birthday in a relaxed atmosphere.
Most noteworthy, in the activities Hongli Zhihui group awards more than 300 outstanding staff for the year 2016, Thank them for their dedication to the development of the group to pay their own youth and enthusiasm, and they are the most precious wealth of Hongli Zhihui Group. We look forward to nex year, there are more individuals, teams who awarded by our group. 
At 7pm, we move to the banquet hall, more than 4000 people enjoyed dinner together. Delicious food, big prizes and fantastic shows along with everyone spend a wonderful Christmas Eve! We expect splendid 2017!


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