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LM-80丨HONGLITRONIC Publishes Ra≥95 COB LM002&LM003 7000H LM-80-2015 Reports
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Recently, HONGLITRONIC get LM-8 certification of 7000 Hours for it’s COB LM002 (23.4W, Ra≥95) & COB LM003 (43.2W, Ra≥95).
Certified models: HL-LM002H384W-9B4C12(Ra5) & HL-LM003H384W-20B10C12(Ra5), Test standard: LM-80-2015; Test item: 85/105℃,Average Lumen Maintenance at 7000 hours.
These two COB LED products, high power and high CRI(Ra≥95), MacAdam 3 Steps color binning range, most suitable for the commercial lighting and home lighting (Applied in spot light and down light). 
Nowadays, The certified models of COB LEDs are as follows: LM002(9W&23.4W), LM003(22W&43.2W), LM004(80W), LT005(100W), and we will focus more on the quality of light while improving the luminous efficacy and saving energy. 
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