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LM-80丨HONGLITRONIC Publishes ES-3032 9000H LM-80-2015 Reports
Publish Time:2017-04-01 Click rate:1136  Source:HONGLITRONIC
Recently, HONGLITRONIC get LM-80 certification of 7000 Hours for it's ES-3032(1.224W).
Certified models:  HL-ES-PU3032DW-2C-S1-HR3 ,Test standard: LM-80-2015; Test item: 85/105℃,Average Lumen Maintenance at 9000 hours.
Product Feature:
PLCC-2 Package
Size: 3.0*3.2*0.6mm
High thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance
Silicone encapsulation, Anti-UV
Maximum power can reach up to 2W
High efficacy, maximum efficacy up to 160lm/W
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