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MLS and Honglitronic Continued to Lead the pack of Chinese Lighting LED Packagers for 2016, Says LEDinside
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LED lighting is the major momentum driving the LED industry forward, according to LEDinside's 2017 Chinese LED Chip and Package Industry Report. Despite the fact that other market segments such as fine-pitch display are growing relatively fast, LED lighting still witnessed most growth. Stats from LEDinside reported the Chinese lighting LED industry has reached a market value of RMB 25.9 billion in 2017, with an increase of 9% YoY. In the China market, domestic manufacturers gradually became major suppliers of lighting LED sources. The table shown below discloses the top 10 Chinese companies with the biggest revenue market share. MLS continued to lead the pack; Honglitronic and Lightning Opto retained the second and the third places. 
MLS’s production bases in Xiaolan, Zhongshan and Ji’an, Jiangxi have been ramping up their capacity since 2016. Along with its competitive cost structure and additional market share expansion, the company stayed firmly ahead of other domestic LED packagers. The two plants will constantly beef up their production and another one in Yiwu, Zhejiang is also anticipated to come into operation soon, reflecting the light giant will keep scaling up. 
Honglitronic and its subsidiary Smalite mostly aim at the market of packages for LED lighting. Since last year, capacity of both companies has seen a continuous growth. The production in the Jiangxi plant also began, boosting the group’s lighting LED revenue by over 50%. In 2017, overseas orders placed with Smalite surged noticeably, which might suggest a massive growth in the group’s earnings. 
The number of orders Lightning Opto earned from its overseas clients soared, resulting in a revenue surpassing  RMB 1 billion in 2016. Its Hutou plant officially came into operation this year. Lightning Opto will keep raising its production capacity and that helps it retain the third place.
Since Refond in 2016 put its focus on new LED applications including automotive electronics, IR LED, UV LED and other specialty lighting, its revenue of lighting LED slightly declined. It main goal of 2017 is to construct its base in Yiwu, volume up its overall production, and further push up its earnings.
Shenzhen MTC’s revenue from both backlight LED and lighting LED showed rapid growth. Its consolidated revenue of 2016 marked a new high in light of orders from Samsung.
NationStar not only actively expanded the LED package production for displays, but it beefed up that for lighting LED, eventually climbing up to the sixth place. It is expected to keep the hike going in 2017.
APT has been winning overseas orders since 4Q15 and generating more and more revenue within the period. Just in a year, it rose from the tenth to the seventh. In addition, ChangFang Lighting, Runlite and Xindeco all squeezed into the top 10 with their solid backgrounds as listed companies. Runlite belongs to Furi Electronics, while Xindeco have two LED package subsidiaries Anplight Opto Technological and Glorysky.
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