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SGS assisted Hongli Zhihui in passing the automotive LED’s certification of AEC-Q102 & IEC 60810
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Recently, SGS has assisted the automotive lighting division of Hongli Zhuihui Group Co.,Ltd, ( hereinafter referred to as Hongli Zhihui) to successfully pass AEC-Q102 & IEC 60810 reliability quality certification for 3528, 3433 whole LED series.  As a Chinese domestic brand, Hongli Zhihui is one of the companies in the world to pass the test by a third party laboratory (completed on March 12), SGS further verified the quality of the automotive LED by Hongli Zhihui, and helps it consolidate the road from consumer light source to automotive light source.


The validation experiment of AEQ-102 & IEC 60810 of SGS was conducted for 4 months , which is pretreated by the photoelectric parameter MSL2 grade, and went through the life test under specific temperature, humidity and temperature cycle, the ESD test, mechanical fatigue , Hydrogen sulfide gas experiment, and the mix gas corrosion test ..... total is more than 20 rigorous tests . During testing, SGS clearly observed the changes of the photoelectric parameters and the detailed test images and data through the combination of Icons and data, which ensured the efficient and accurate experimental process and results.

High Temperature Operating Life

Pulse life test

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