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Hongli zhihui high quality, high efficiency LED light source products conform to the standard requirement of DLC 5.0 version
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In the first half of 2020, DLC issued DLC5.0 version. This version is divided into two parts, namely DLC5.0 and DLC5.1, which is a revolution of the lighting industry. From version 4.4 to version 5.0, we can find new standard requirements in terms of light efficiency improvement, dimming requirements, color quality, glare requirements, calculation rules, etc.
Overview of  the fifth edition of the DLC standard changes 
DLC ments to push the application of the high quality and high efficiency light products,this certification of the DLC mainly aims to the finished lamps and larnterns. However, for the LED component, we are mainly focuse on light efficiency inprovment and color quality requirements.  DLC 5.0 Light efficiency requirements are shown in the below  table, DHL requires an increase of 15LM/W for advanced light efficiency.
The light efficiency requirement of DLC5.0
But to the requirement of color, the DLC 5.1's requirements for LED color quality is more strict than before, the color temperature range has been narrowed from 7 step to 4 step ,the color concentration becomes more concentrate, color rendering index has also added the color representation method of TM30.
DLC 5.1   standard requirement of color quality has been revised
 (Above table comes from BACL)

HongLiZiHui continues to improve the quality of LED light, getting better color performance on the basis of higher light efficiency, making the light smarter and healthier. So far, some mainstream white light SMD andCOB of HongLiZiHui have been able to meet the requirement of DLC 5.0 (5.0&5.1), which can help the lamp manufacturer  finish the DLC authentication quckily, effectively enhance the competitiveness of customer products.

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