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Aiming at the market of automotive interior and exterior LED lighting applications, Honglitronic presents its automotive LEDs series of ISO/TS16449 QMS certification with high luminous, good reliability and low electricity consumption available on the market. The product applies to head lamp, DRL, turn signal, brake lamp, work lamp, Dashboard Backlight, reading lamp etc.

·AEC-Q 101

Honglitronic is supplying innovative and high-quality automotive lighting products strictly according to ISO/TS16949 quality management system. All the products pass AEC-Q 101 reliability test (include high temperature and humidity aging test, high temperature and long term aging test, curing test, pulse test and so on) and meet GB(China), ECE(EU) and SAE(United States ) standards.

·Application Overview

·Development Plan


Honglitronic build a positive strategy in automotive lighting market and continuously do research and innovation in automobile-mounted lighting. We have succeeded in resolving the problems of the low reliability, low brightness and cut-off line fuzzy in vehicle LED light .Furthermore, Honglitronic actively apply for the patents of automotive lighting and so far, it submitted 20 patent applications.

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