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Lighting Components & Modules

Most of HONGLITRONIC’s LED package have passed IESNA LM80 test(SMD & COB); which have high efficiency and compettive

cost, and can be applied to various lighting products, such as LED tube, light bulb, spotlight, down light, desk lamp, decorative light,

street light and bay light.

Backlight & Display

HONGLITRONIC provides high quality backlight LED components & LED Light bar at competitive cost, high reliability and high brightness,

and high color domain coverage.

Automotive LED

Aiming at the market of automotive interior and exterior LED lighting applications, Honglitronic presents its automotive LEDs series of ISO/TS16449 QMS certification with high luminous, good reliability and low electricity consumption available on the market. The product applies to headlight, DRL, automotive working light, Dashboard Backlight etc. All the products pass AEC-Q 101 reliability test and meet GB(China), ECE(EU) and SAE(United States ) standards.

Plant Growth Lighting LED

HONGLITRONIC C3535 plant growth lighting series, Ceramic substrate and thermoelectrical separation design,

Universal design in 1W and 3W


UVA LED 360nm-410nm, which can be applied to UV curing, nail lamp, photo-catalyst; UVC LED 270nm-290nm China's first full-package inorganic UV LED, High stability; RoHS compliant; which can be applied to various UV lighting products, such as Bio-analysis/detection, Phototherapy, Sensors and monitors, Disinfection.

LAMP/Infrared LED

Lamp LED packaging, Available in Full Color Range; Applications: Backlight, Indicator, Lighting. Infrared LED, Instant response, high reliability, Applications: Anti-theft device, remote controller, Electronic Whiteboard, Induction device.

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