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The C3535 Series contains all the basic colors needed to replicate sunlight and activate specific functions of plant lighting. Perfect lighting for all types of plants and flowers, allowing light to be perfectly adapted to the needs of any crop.



  • Full frequency band - can be customized for different wavelength ratios;
  • High power - high light extraction efficiency, 1-3W universal;
  • High reliability - ceramic substrate and thermoelectric separation design;
  • Flexible design - small size, effectively reducing fixture and system costs.
  • Top lighting, inter lighting and multilayer cultivation
  • Supplemental lighting and cultivation without natural daylight
DataSheet Color λd[nm]/CCT[K] Watt lF[mA] Φ[lm] lv[mcd] VF[V] CRI≥ Rth J-S(℃/W) PPF umol/S@[380~780nm] PPF/W (µmol/J) Product dimensions(mm)
λp=735-745nm 700mA 1.8-2.4V 3.43 2.49 3.45*3.45*2.0
Red λp=655-665nm 700mA 2.0-3.0V 4.20 2.33 3.45*3.45*2.0
Bule λd=440-445nm 700mA 3.2-3.8V 3.41 1.45 3.45*3.45*2.0
Purple λP=387.5-392.5nm 700mA 3.2-3.8V 2.69 1.11 3.45*3.45*2.0

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