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Light to promote happiness | Hongli Zhihui first human rhythm factor adjustment series products
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With the enhancement of social humanism consciousness, human illumination arises at the historic moment. Human illumination refers to the comprehensive and accurate planning and implementation of the visual and emotional effects of the light source, especially the physiological effects, which can bring positive impacts on people's health and happiness.
In response to this concept, Hongli Zhihui launched a series of human rhythm factor adjustment products. This product uses special chips and phosphors to debug a special spectrum, which effectively regulates the secretion of melatonin in the human body, and helps people to achieve a state of energetic or leisure according to their daily life patterns.
Melatonin is a sleep hormone in the human body. It can effectively improve the quality of sleep by shortening the time to wake up and fall asleep before going to bed, and it is highly sensitive to blue-green wavelength light.


Meanwhile, the series of human rhythm factor adjustment products have the following advantages:
(1) High reliability, no dead lights in 1000 cycles of hot and cold shock;
(2) High temperature and high humidity Ta=85℃/RH=85%RH 1000H luminous flux maintenance rate can reach 99%;
(3) High temperature Ta=105℃ 1000H luminous flux maintenance rate without luminous decay to meet the high quality requirements of different places.
It is worth noting that DGHL incentive series products and EGHL relaxation series products can be combined in one lamp to meet people's different needs. At present, this series of products has been mass-production, welcome to inquire.
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