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NEW- Application case of deep UV product disinfection and sterilization
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UVC (deep UV) can destroy the DNA and RNA of Viruses and bacteria, Making them lose the ability to reproduce and thus die, achieving the effect of disinfection and sterilization. UVC can be used for disinfecting air, surfaces, water ect. 
Hongli UVC LED (270-280nm) C3535 and G3535, From 5MW / 18mW / 30MW / 60MW strength, It has passed the test certification, and the sterilization rate reaches 99.9%.

Application solution 1: Sterilization of elevator handrails
The scheme uses 9 high-power UVC-LED, ultraviolet radiation intensity is 1.5mW/cm2, sterilization rate is 99.99% after 44 minutes of operation.
Application solution 2: Sterilization of Logistics Packages
The scheme uses 36 PCS high-power UVC-LED modules, The package can be disinfected in all directions, and the ultraviolet radiation intensity is 1.5mW/cm2, Can kill 99% of the corona virus.

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