Circadian Rhythm

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· Home Lighting- - human rhythm factor adjustment series products
1、By controlling the 480nm blue-green light ,adopt special spectrum blending technology to effectively regulate the melatonin

secretion of the human body, to ensure that the human body maintains full energy during the day and get enough relaxation

at night.

2、AS-2835D104W-2C-S1-08-PCT-HR3 DGHL series products, It can provide a range of different color temperature from 3000K to 6500K, suitable for a variety of indoor

applications such as schools, offices, libraries, and industrial place , to enhance the alertness and energy level of the human body.

3、AS-2835D90W-2C-S1-08-PCT-HR3-EGHL series products, It can provide different color temperature ranges from 1800K to 4000K,and is suitable for various night lighting

applications such as homes and leisure clubs, bring more relaxation time for the human body and improve sleep quality.



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