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Components for Lighting

Have passed IESNA LM80 test(SMD & COB); meet DLC5.1 standard, which have high efficiency and can be applied to various lighting products, such as LED tube, light bulb, spotlight, down light, desk lamp, decorative light, street light and bay light.

Horticulture Lighting LED

Horticulture Lighting LED, C3535/C2525/SMD2835,Full frequency band - can be customized for different wavelength ratios;,High power - high light extraction efficiency, 0.2-3W universal.



UVA (315~400nm) is mainly used in industrial hardening devices, money detectors, etc.
UVB (280~315nm) is mainly used in medical/biological fields
UVC (280~200nm) is mainly used in Environmental fields such as sterilization/purification/water purification.

Automotive LED

Pass the AECQ-102 Automotive grade certification (The number one in the world to obtain the certification issued by SGS) 、IEC60810 certification of Lamps for road vehicles - Performance requirements. It can meet the requirement of Chinese GB、EU’S ECE、American SAE. With IATF16949 quality management system certification(TS16949 new version) 、ISO 14001 certification、ISO 9001 certification, it can meet the VDA6.3 German Automotive Standard requirements. 

Components for Display

HONGLITRONIC provides high quality backlight LED components & LED Light bar at competitive cost, high reliability and high brightness, 

and high color domain coverage.

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