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10-40W COB LMH03(Ra80/90) high efficacy
Efficacy more than 140lm/W, main promoted CRI 90/80Ra
  • Obtain a third-party LM-80 10000-hour test report
  • Color binning at Tj=85℃available, efficacy more than 140lm/W, main promoted CRI 90/80Ra;
  • Size and light-emitting areacan be compatible with universal type oflamp accessories in the market;
  • Goodcolor consistency,adopted 3 step MacAdam ellipsesbinning.
  • Down light   
  • Spot light 
  • PAR lamp
  • High bay
  • Flood light

ANSI-HL- LMH03D90W-13B6C12(Ra2)-S
ANSI-HL- LMH03D90W-17B8C12(Ra2)-S
DataSheet Color λd[nm]/CCT[K] Watt lF[mA] Φ[lm] lv[mcd] VF[V] CRI≥ Rth J-S(℃/W) PPF umol/S@[380~780nm] PPF/W (µmol/J) Product dimensions(mm)
3000K 18.5(max33) 540(max900) 144lm/W(80) 126lm/W(90) 32-38(35) 80/90 19*19*1.6mm
3000K 24.4(max43.8) 720(max1200) 140m/W(80) 123lm/W(90) 32137(35) 80/90

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