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High Power LED

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C1860 is a High-Power 8.5~13.5W LED of Compact light source.Through the latest LED packaging technology ,it contains many features as high luminous efficiency ,resistance to high current and low thermal resistance ect.
  • Powerful thermal conductivity design - using gold-plated aluminum nitride substrate, gold-tin eutectic process, low thermal resistance, with a strong thermal conductivity channel.
  • High illumination type, good single-side lighting, small chip gap, with optical design, can minimize glare, maximize the assurance of no dark area on the luminous surface, clear cut-off line between light and dark.
  • High Power,High Efficacy - Ta=85°C,C1860 1200 lm @ 1200mA

Automotive Exterior Lighting

DataSheet Color λd[nm]/CCT[K] Watt lF[mA] Φ[lm] lv[mcd] VF[V] CRI≥ Rth J-S(℃/W) PPF umol/S@[380~780nm] PPF/W (µmol/J) Product dimensions(mm)

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