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High Power LED

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The C2525 series is a mature LED packaging technology product of Hongli Optoelectronics. It adopts a new white light encapsulation technology to ensure the uniformity of the color of the product. High-power small package for luminaire design and secondary optics design, this eutectic-based ceramic LED package device with high reliability and high efficiency can meet more severe environmental requirements.
  • Available in white, 80-minimum CRI cool white, and 70-minimum CRI cool white,  PC amber
  • High power - high light extraction efficiency, 1-3W universal;
  • High reliability - ceramic substrate and thermoelectric separation design;
  • Flexible design - small size, effectively reducing fixture and system costs.
  • Outdoor lighting:Street light,Portable lightings
  • Indoor lighting:Downlights, Spotlight
  • Car lighting:Day Time Running Light (DRL),Tail Light
DataSheet Color λd[nm]/CCT[K] Watt lF[mA] Φ[lm] lv[mcd] VF[V] CRI≥ Rth J-S(℃/W) PPF umol/S@[380~780nm] PPF/W (µmol/J) Product dimensions(mm)

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