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Head Lamp

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  • Strong thermal conductivity design
    Use gold plating aluminum nitride substrate、gold and tin eutectic process、X-ray to inspect void ratio, to design the area of the soldering pad on the back of aluminum nitride according to the power, low thermal resistance, with strong thermal conductivity channel. 
  • High illuminance, good light pattern
    Single sided illumination, small dice gap, with optical design, it can reduce glare at the most, it can also guarantee at the most that there is no dark space on the illumination area, the dividing line of bright and dark is clear.
  • High Power、High Brightness
    For C1860, its power can reach up to 15W, its brightness can reach up to 1500lm; For C5322, its power can reach up to 18W, its brightness can reach up to 1800lm; For C7035, its power can reach up to 25W, its brightness can reach up to 2500lm.


  • Head  Lamp
DataSheet Color λd[nm]/CCT[K] Watt lF[mA] Φ[lm] lv[mcd] VF[V] CRI≥ Rth J-S(℃/W) PPF umol/S@[380~780nm] PPF/W (µmol/J) Product dimensions(mm)

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